iptos -- IP Type-Of-Service database


The /etc/iptos file contains the database of Type Of Service (TOS) names used for the Internet Protocol (IP) TOS option.

Each entry should consist of a single line containing the name of the TOS entry, the protocol name for which the entry is appropriate, the Type Of Service value for the entry, and any aliases that exist for the entry. Items are separated by any number of blanks and/or tab characters. A pound sign (#) indicates that the rest of the line is a comment and is not interpreted by routines that search the file. Blank lines in the file are ignored.

TOS entry names may contain any printable character other than a blank, tab, new-line, or comment (#).

A protocol name of a single asterisk (*) indicates that the entry is valid for all protocols.

The TOS value for the entry should be a list of either symbolic names, or numbers (octal, decimal, or hexadecimal), corresponding to TOS option bits or TOS precedence values, separated by vertical bar (|) characters. Perform an OR operation on the specified option bits or precedence values to yield the actual TOS value. Recognized symbolic names for TOS option bits are as follows:

   none                0x00
   delay               0x10
   throughput          0x08
   reliability         0x04
   reserved1           0x02
   reserved2           0x01
Recognized symbolic names for TOS precedence values are as follows:
   netcontrol          0xe0
   internetcontrol     0xc0
   crtic/ecp           0xa0
   flashoverride       0x80
   flash               0x60
   immediate           0x40
   priority            0x20
   routine             0x00


The following example shows typical entries in /etc/iptos:
   # Format of this file:
   # Application   Proto  TOS-bits       aliases
   # The Proto field may be "*" to mean it doesn't matter.
   # For multiple values, use a "|", e.g, delay|throughput

delay * delay lowdelay reliability * reliability highreliability throughput * throughput highthroughput

data tcp throughput bulk-data batch rcp data udp delay bulk-data batch tftp

interactive tcp delay rlogin telnet interactive udp delay

bootp * none domain udp delay nameserver domain tcp none nameserver egp udp none ftp-control tcp delay ftp-data tcp throughput icmp-errors icmp none icmp-queries icmp none igp * reliability route router routed nntp * none smtp-cmd tcp delay smtp-data tcp throughput #smtp tcp none # only if you can't switch !!! snmp udp reliability tftp udp delay


contains names and TOS values

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