dclock -- digital clock for X


dclock [toolkitoption . . .] [-option . . .]


The dclock program displays the time in digital format only. The time is updated on a per second basis or on a per minute basis. This program is nothing more than a wrapper around the dclock widget not associated with any particular widget set.

When the clock is running, the user may change attributes by typing:

Toggles Reverse Video.

Toggles the seconds display.

Toggles the bell attribute.

Toggles the jump/scroll attribute.

Toggles the date format.

Toggles the military time format.

Toggles the alarm clock.

quit the program.

Mouse button 3 puts the clock in the mode where the alarm clock can be set. The alarm must be set in 24-hour format to distinguish between am and pm time. Digits can be changed by selecting the digit with mouse button 1 or 2. Mouse button 1 advances the time and mouse button 2 moves the time backwards. Using mouse button 1 or 2 over the text at the bottom of the clock toggles the alarm from actually being set (or, use the ``a'' key).


dclock accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command line options along with the additional options listed below:

This option indicates that a brief summary of the allowed options should be printed on the standard error.

This option indicates that the bell will beep once on the half hour and twice on the hour.

This option causes the clock to display the time in 24 hour (military) time format.


This option indicates that the clock will scroll from the current digit to the next digit. Since this is on by default, the -noscroll option can turn it off.

-date format
The date is printed under the time in the specified font. The string displayed is in the format argument. If the string contains a formatting character (%), then the next character is examined and a value is inserted into the string. Example:

dclock -date "Today is %W"

The date string will print Today is Friday if the weekday name happens to be friday. The formatting characters that are understood are:

Full weekday name

Three-char weekday name (Sun, Mon, Tue . . .)

Full month name

Three-char abbreviation for that month (Jan, Feb, Mar . . .)

The date (numerical day number of the month)

Full year (4 digits)

2-digit year number


The alarm is turned on or off. Alarm rings bell and toggles the reverse video five times.

-alarmTime HH:MM
If alarm is set, it goes off at time specified in 24-hour format.

This option will update the clock every second and display the time including the seconds.

-bg color
This option specifies the color to use for the background of the window. The default is ``white.''

-bd color
This option specifies the color to use for the border of the window. The default is ``black.''

-bw number
This option specifies the width in pixels of the border surrounding the window.

-fg color
This option specifies the color to use for displaying text. The default is ``black.''

-fn font
This option specifies the font to be used for displaying normal text. The default is ``Fixed.''

This option indicates that reverse video should be simulated by swapping the foreground and background colors.

-geometry geometry
This option specifies the preferred size and position of the clock window.

-display host:display
This option specifies the X server to contact.

-xrm resourcestring
This option specifies a resource string to be used. This is especially useful for setting resources that do not have separate command line options.

X defaults

It understands all of the core resource names and classes as well as:

width (class Width)
Specifies the width of the clock.

height (class Height)
Specifies the height of the clock.

foreground (class Foreground)
Specifies the color for the tic marks. Using the class specifies the color for all things that normally would appear in the foreground color. The default is ``black'' because the core default for background is ``white.''

bell (class Boolean)
Specifies whether or not a bell should be rung on the hour and half hour.

font (class Font)
Specifies the font to be used for the date.

miltime (class Boolean)
Specifies whether the military (24hr) time format should be used.

reverseVideo (class ReverseVideo)
Specifies that the foreground and background colors should be reversed.

scroll (class Boolean)
Specifies whether the digits should scroll or not.

seconds (class Boolean)
Specifies whether the seconds should be displayed or not.

bell (class Boolean)
Specifies whether the bell should sound on the half hour and on the hour.

alarm (class Boolean)
Specifies whether the alarm should go off at the specified time (alarmTime).

alarmTime (class String)
Specifies the time alarm goes off if alarm is set.

Environment variables

to get the default host and display number.

to get the name of a resource file that overrides the global resources stored in the RESOURCE_MANAGER property.

Known limitations

dclock believes the system clock.

See also

X(X), xrdb(XC), time(C)
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