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The SCO OpenServer(TM) Development System includes comprehensive documentation. Books are available in online and/or printed form. Access online books by double-clicking on the Desktop Help icon. Printed versions of the books are also available.

The contents of the SCO OpenServer Development System documentation set are illustrated here. In addition to these books, a copy of the Development System Release and Installation Notes is provided with the Development System software.

  Reference Guide
UNIX[®]  BULLET C++ Library Manual  BULLET C++ Selected Readings
Applications  BULLET C++ Product Reference Manual  BULLET Character User Interfaces Guide
   BULLET Programmer's Reference Manual  BULLET Developer's Topics
      (2 Volumes)  BULLET Programming Tools Guide
Networking  BULLET Network Programmer's Guide and Reference
Graphical  BULLET X Window System  
      Programmer's Reference  
   BULLET OSF/Motif Programmer's Reference  
Optional  BULLET Device Driver Writer's Guide

The books included with the Development System are:

C++ Library Manual
describes the three C++ class libraries and their use.

C++ Product Reference Manual
provides a complete definition of the C++ language supported by Release 3.1 of the SCO® C++ Language System.

C++ Selected Readings
contains papers describing aspects of the C++ language.

Character User Interfaces Guide
introduces the facilities available for developing user interfaces, and gives detailed instructions for using curses(S) and the Extended Terminal Interface (ETI), and for writing user interfaces that can be run on ASCII terminals. This book includes numerous examples of curses programs.

Developer's Topics
a collection of technical papers about topics of interest to users of the Development System. Many of these papers include examples illustrating features that are extensions provided by SCO software.

Network Programmer's Guide and Reference
describes the libraries and application program interfaces (APIs) available (Internet domain sockets, TLI, XTI, ONC, RPC, and XDR), for developing applications that use the services of network-oriented communication protocols (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and NetBIOS). It also describes how to use UNIX domain sockets for interprocess communication, and an SMUX API to create SMUX peers for SNMP agents. The (NC), (NET), (NS), (SAPD), (SLIB), and (SSC) reference manual pages are included in this book.

OSF/Motif Programmer's Reference
consists of the OSF/Motif toolkit, window manager, and user interface language commands and functions: (Xm) reference manual pages.

Programmer's Reference Manual
a two-volume set of reference manual pages for the Development System, including sections (CDMT), (CP), (FP), and (S).

Programming Tools Guide
provides useful information about programming tools and their use in developing software, including implementation-specific details about the ANSI-conforming C compiler provided with the Development System. It also contains information about debugging tools and their use in tracking down and eliminating problems in C and assembly language programs, and information on using dbXtra[TM] to debug C and C++ programs in an OSF/Motif[TM] based windowing environment.

Release and Installation Notes
highlights new features, product changes, documentation changes, and known limitations for this release of the Development System. It also contains the installation notes.

X Window System Programmer's Reference
provides X Window System[TM] programming commands and functions: X Library (XS), X Toolkit (Xt), X Miscellaneous Utilities (Xmu), and X Extensions (Xext) reference manual pages for programmers.

In addition, the following book is available on request:

Device Driver Writer's Guide
provides guide and reference information about writing device drivers for SCO systems. This book is available separately.

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