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Sockets is an API that provides a framework for communication between processes executing either on the same host or across a network. A socket is the basic building block for communication, providing an endpoint to which a name may be bound. Sockets are created within a communications domain (Internet or UNIX) in the same way that files are created within a filesystem. Sockets are bidirectional, providing a two-way flow of data between processes that may or may not have the same parent and may or may not live on the same host.

The SCO OpenServer sockets library is a 4.3BSD-compatible socket library that can be used to access the protocols provided with SCO TCP/IP: TCP, UDP, and IP. Both the AF_INET and AF_UNIX socket families are supported.

Socket library routines (SLIB)

Routine Description
bstring byte and byte string operations
byteorder convert values between host and network byte order
getdtablesize get descriptor table size
gethostbyname get network host entry
gethostname get/set name of current host
getnetent get network entry
getprotoent get protocol entry
getservent get service entry
gettimeofday get date and time
inet Internet address manipulation routines
insque insert/remove element from a queue
killpg send signal to a process group
perror system error messages
rcmd routines to return a stream to a remote command
resolver resolver routines
rexec return stream to a remote command
string 4.3 BSD string operations
syslog control system log
wait3 wait for process to terminate or stop

Socket system calls (SSC)

System call Description
accept accept a connection on a socket
adjtime correct the time to allow for synchronization of the system clock
bind bind a name to a socket
connect initiate a connection on a socket
getpeername get name of connected peer
getsockname get socket name
getsockopt get and set options on sockets
listen listen for connections on a socket
recv receive a message from a socket
select synchronous I/O multiplexing
send send a message to a socket
shutdown shut down part of a full-duplex connection
socket create an endpoint for communication

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