Developing applications using XTI or TLI

Options management

XTI (and TLI) allow a process to negotiate various options with the transport provider by calling t_optmgmt. These options can affect how the transport provider operates. Some of the options require negotiation with the remote process, because both the client and the server must agree on the value of the option. The options available depend on the kind of transport provider, and can even vary between different implementations of the same kind of transport provider. To make an application as portable as possible, both across different transport providers and different implementations of the same kind of transport provider, avoid setting or negotiating options. At the very least, limit negotiation to only those options that are truly important to how the application must function. This minimizes the work needed to port the program to work over a different transport provider or a different implementation of the same transport provider.

Check whether the options negotiated are supported on the particular implementation of the transport provider being used by examining the error code returned by t_optmgmt.

For more information on the use of options, read the t_optmgmt manual page.

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