Using the Graphical Calendar

Configuring calendar defaults

Configure default Calendar behavior with the Preferences menu.

Setting calendar time and weekend preferences

Select Time & Weekends from the Preferences menu. Configure any of the following:

Start of Day
define the beginning of your calendar day

End of Day
define the end of your calendar day

break your calendar into 60, 30, or 15 minute increments

Time Format
set the time format to 12-hour or 24-hour time

Setting event and calendar preferences

Select Event & Calendar from the Preferences menu. Configure any of the following options:

Default Duration
define the default duration of new events.

Details Window Persistent
retain the calendar details window that is accessed by clicking on a calendar event with the mouse button 3.

Full Details
show full calendar details when clicking on a calendar event with the mouse button 3.

Merged Calendars
select merged calendars. This is typically a holiday calendar, although you could merge other users' calendars into your own. Merged calendar events will appear in grey by default.

Startup Calendar
define the default startup calendar. For example, to see your own calendar by default, enter your login (userid) in the ``Startup Calendar'' field.

Initial View
choose your to view your initial calendar in either the Day or Month view.

Point Help
select/deselect point help on the toolbar icons.

Configuring automatic event notification

To configure Calendar to mail or print your daily and weekly schedules, select Notification & Permissions from the Preferences menu. Select one of the following:

receive daily or weekly schedule by mail

print daily or weekly schedule

do neither

Setting calendar permissions

By default, the access permissions are set to allow all users (everyone) to have blind view, view, and schedule access to each individual user's calendar. Also by default, the permissions only allow the owner of the calendar full access.

To change the permissions to allow only certain users or groups of users (aliases) blind view, view, schedule, or full-access permission on your calendar, click on the following fields in the Access Permissions window, and change the permissions as needed.

Blind View
Users with blind view permission can look at your calendar and find out when you have events scheduled, but they cannot see the details of your events.

Users with view permission on your calendar can look at the events that you have scheduled.

Users with schedule permission can add events to your calendar.

Full Access
Users with full-access permission can change and delete existing events on your calendar.
It is important to consider carefully which users you allow to have access to your calendar. Remember that another user cannot schedule an event for you without schedule access to your calendar.

Setting default calendar printouts

To select or deselect printout options, select Printing from the Preferences menu.

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