Developing network-based applications


NFS is a distributed file system for heterogeneous networks. With NFS, a user sees a single local directory hierarchy, even though many, if not most, of the files and directories in that hierarchy are located on other computers on the network. Applications that make Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) use NFS to communicate with the remote processes that execute those calls.

The components of the SCO OpenServer Development System that support the development of RPC-based applications include:

The Remote Procedure Call API allows remote procedures to be invoked as if they were local subroutines. Using RPC, a process running on one machine can call a procedure that is executed by another process running on a different machine on the network.

The eXternal Data Representation API provides a system-independent and machine-independent format for data representation. Such a format allows data to be transmitted anywhere in a heterogeneous network.

This tool generates C language code to implement the specific RPC semantics of the remote procedure calls in an application program.

Network System Services library routines for NFS (NS)

Routine Description
bindresvport bind a socket to a privileged IP port
dbm, dbminit, fetch, store, delete, firstkey, nextkey database subroutines
exportfs export directory trees
fh_fcntl fcntl given NFS file handle
getdomainname, setdomainname get/set name of current domain
getrpcent, getrpcbyname, getrpcbynumber get RPC entry
getrpcport get RPC port number
kclt_create create kernel RPC client handles
lstat get file status
ndbm, dbm_open, dbm_close, dbm_fetch, dbm_store, dbm_delete, dbm_firstkey, dbm_nextkey, dbm_error, dbm_clearerr database subroutines
nfs_getfh get NFS file handle
nfs_svc, async_daemons NFS daemons
rex remote execution protocol
rpc library routines for remote procedure calls
rwall write to specified remote machines
xdr library routines for external data representation
Applications developed with the SCO OpenServer Development System use the library routines listed in ``Network System Services library routines for NFS (NS)'' to communicate over NFS.

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